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To quickly find any text string within any text file, try this from a terminal window: grep -l [text to find] [files to look in] For example, grep -l 123abc *.html will list the name of any file in the current directory that ends in.html and contains the string 123abc. Only looks in your current directory. If you have permissions to look for files in other directories (root access) then you can use the following to find your file - find / -type f -name '*.jdk'. To add the file type, type the extension in the “Add New Extension to List” box and then click the “Add” button. By default, Windows Search will use a plain text filter to search the contents of those types of files, since another app is not associated. After the index is rebuilt, searching for text inside one of the new file types should now show results. Use Mac OS X Spotlight search to find missing files The first point of call for many people is to open Spotlight and look for the file: Press Command-Space to open Spotlight.

Office word 2016 for mac drop down not dropping down. Ok, I believe it today offers to do with the truth that my docs are in WordPerfect 12. When I typed a test document and researched in Term it worked fine. So right now my question is, can be generally there a method to get it to discover phrases in documents in WP 12?

It can discover files named the term I'm searching for, but if the term is usually in the document, it's not really finding it. In XP under innovative search, I has been capable to type a phrase I had been looking for in the phrase or term in the document box. For illustration, if I have 100 WordPerfect records and I need to search fór those that contain the name Jones, I used to become capable to typé it in thé box and have it list those that included that term. In Home windows 7, that choice is not obtainable. If I typé Jones in thé search package, nothing is certainly found also though I understand I possess papers that consist of that word. Nothing has worked that I've noticed on the boards so significantly.


I actually require to make use of this feature for my work.I'michael desperate for some help. Hey mtdenise, By default Home windows 7 queries inside Files only when they are usually situated in Indexed Areas. The default indexed areas include Your local library, Start Menus, User files, Web Explorer History and Home windows Sticky Records. So if you are searching for text message inside files which are usually existing in non-indexed files such as your USB Flash push or an Exterior hard get, you may not really obtain the desired outcomes. You can configure Windows 7 to always search inside material of files no matter where they are located. This is the almost all comprehensive search.

Right here are usually the methods to perform this: 1. Open the Control Panel from the Begin menu. 2. Open Folder Choices from the Control Panel. 3. Click on the Research tab in the Folder Choices windowpane.

4. Select Always search file brands and contents only under What tó search and after that click Alright. As soon as you're accomplished with the above setting, perform a check search. You should become able to get the preferred search result from here on.

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A closer look at Searching methods in Home windows 7: Advanced suggestions for looking in Home windows Relation, Shinmila L - Microsoft Assistance Visit our and allow us know what you believe.

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