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SEAiq Manual (4.9) This documents the use and operation of the SEAiq marine navigation software. It is organized around the Tabs at the bottom of the SEAiq apps: • Navigate: Display marine charts and navigation objects. Oct 16, 2018  Windows comes with a built-in disk defragmentation tool that can help you optimize your system, but there are other third-party applications that can. Jun 01, 2012  Description. SEAiq is a full-featured marine navigation app. It is the only marine navigation app that allows you to load your own charts in a variety of standard formats, including: S-57, S-63, iENC, BSB, and KAP.

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A: All óf the SEAiq ápps consist of a bottom chart of the World but otherwise do not include other charts. SEAiq Us needs you to download the most recent graphs from NOAA for locations you are usually fascinated in, so it does not arrive with any graphs. When you possess a information connection, click on on the NOAA button at the underside of the screen. It will download the most recent NOAA chart list and allow you to choose which regions you desire, then press Up-date to download the graphs. Note that downloading charts can make use of a little bit of bandwidth só you may want to download them when you have got a Wi-fi connection. A new: When you first begin SEAiq Open, you will become led to basic (and detailed) instructions (proceed to the Graphs tabs and push the Assist button). Right here can be a quick summary.

1) You make use of a free of charge tool (Windows) or built-in plan (MacOS) to create a one zip file from your directory site of graphs. 2) With your iPad/iPhone plugged in, you operate Apple company iTunes and go to the base of the Apps tab, go for SEAiq Open, select Insert File., and identify the zero document you developed. ITunes will then exchange the squat file with all your graphs to your iPád/iPhone where yóu will then be capable to watch your charts. Queen: Are usually Inland ENC graphs backed by SEAiq Open up? A: Yes Queen: I downloaded graphs when I first set up SEAiq Us/Free. How perform I obtain up-dates for the charts? A new: NOAA puts out updated charts very often (occasionally several occasions a day time).

To download the updates, go to the Graphs tabs. SEAiq USA/Free will download a new NOAA chart list and identify which areas have new or up to date charts charts in reddish. Just press Update to download them. Q: How perform I get to find the graphs I just downloaded? A new: SEAiq uses the regular Apple gestures, including pinching (placing two fingertips on the display screen and relocating them together or aside) for zooming, and panning (placing a hand on a location and relocating on the display screen) to move the place around. Queen: How several charts can SEAiq deal with?

A: There will be no limit to how several graphs SEAiq can deal with. Queen: How perform I find the details for an object on the display screen? A new: Increase tapping on the object and after that select 'Information for this location'. You will become shown with a menu of functions at or near that area. Features may match to icons, lines, or areas. Select any function you are fascinated in and it will screen information for it.

Queen: Is usually there a star explaining all the emblems? A new: SEAiq uses standard icons. We do not offer a star and instead recommend you use the 'Details for this area' feature referred to above to look at any sign on the screen you are usually not sure about. Queen: How perform I get SEAiq to customize the chart screen to the functions of my yacht? A new: Go to the settings screen and set the ideals for Low Depth, Basic safety Depth, and Deep Depth. Short Depth and Deep Depth control coloring of places.

Safety Depth handles the presentation of dangers; for illustration level soundings less than your basic safety depth will end up being colored dark (to highlight thém) and the othérs will be grey. Queen: How do I obtain the display to middle on my yacht? A: There are several methods to do this. The simplest is usually to contact the arrowhéad in the tóp-left corner of the Navigation Window. Click on configurations and convert on 'Follow Charter boat'.

Additionally, you can increase faucet on the Navigate display and enable 'Follow Boat' now there. All of these methods have the same effect. Note that mainly because soon as you baking pan the screen, the Follow Ship environment will become disabled for you.

Our free of charge apps, SEAiq Free of charge and SEAiq Open up, require purchasing the in-app upgrade to allow the Follow Vessel feature. Q: Some details about an item is not being shown. How perform I discover it? A new: Vector charts contain much more details than can become displayed for you. However, you can discover out all the information on any item. Double touch on the location and choose 'Information for this place'.

All objects near to where you tapped will become displayed. Select the 1 you are serious in and you will observe all the obtainable details on it displayed for you. For characteristics with large quantities of text message, you will need to tap the azure disclosure button on the right part of the screen. Queen: How perform I inform what systems are used? A: Units are shown in the Tale portion of the Configurations window. You can also change the systems now there. Anonymous This download of is usually my 1st attempt at using an app of this kind.

I have never used a sea GPS and was not familiar with a chartplotter. SEAiq will be currently on my iPhoné 5, but I perform not have got my motorboat in the water however (needed to perform with this initial).

Will SEAiq on my mobile phone (or iPad if I get one) serve as a GPS. Is a graph plotter something I possess to possess, or does the screen on my telephone cover up this function? I am baffled about making use of a chart plotter with thé app (I possess noticed this recommended in reviews of this or comparable apps) when I suppose the display on my gadget covers this. I anticipate that I will end up being capable to adhere to the motion of my sail boat on the water the exact same as I do my car on my iphoné. Sorry for thé dumb questions.

You iPhone 5 has an built-in GPS and SEAiq will function with it in a equivalent way to the apps for vehicles. You perform not require a graph plotter for GPS. As a general remark, we help SEAiq on iPhonés, but the small display dimension can make them of doubtful usefulness in actual daily life.

They are usually useful if you require to examine something rapidly. You will find an iPad much more helpful than an iPhoné because of thé bigger display size. Be certain to not obtain a wifi-onIy iPad as théy perform not consist of integrated Gps navigation hardware.

Notice 'Selecting an iPad' for more info on this.

Function: Water Selection and Charting Rating:. Price: $9.99 Take a software program professional with a PhD in pc science, add equal parts live aboard family members man, captain and planet cruiser motorbike and you have the creator of this new special app called. Tag Hayden, his wife and their brand-new born kid are presently cruising Down under after effectively sailing through the Caribbean, transiting the Panama Channel and the Pacific Sea. Their journeys can become adopted on their blog. The writer of this app can be a sailor which I find very beneficial.

Mark knows first hands what is certainly needed by a charting and sat nav app and the type of info we are all searching for even though out on the water. He related to me how he was frustrated with numerous of the apps out generally there and desired to make one that addressed all his requirements. He provides built a smooth and efficient app that provides easy download of N0AA ENC Vector graphs. He makes full make use of of all the info supplied on these vector charts.

Version 1.2 of the app was just launched on Apr 13, 2012. Functions:. Free of charge NOAA ENC Vector graphs. Greatest for make use of on the iPad. Offline make use of of graphs. On display instrument display.

Complete Vector chart information. Waypoints development and edit. Route creation and edit. Smooth chart quilting. Planet chart watch. Multi-touch gestures.

The main display is certainly a globe view. At the best of the display is usually a useful instrument screen.

Instruments consist of latitude, Iongitude, ACC, COG, S0G, BTW, ánd DTW. The device display takes advantage of both the internal Gps navigation of the iPhoné and iPád but will also use the aided GPS when within mobile range or connected to the Web. An iPod contact could also be utilized if offered a Gps navigation sign. The plan downloading NOAA graphs to the device so it will run offline when no mobile or web are obtainable. I liked thé waypoint and path creation and editing displays.


It has been fast and simple to make waypoints and ways and edit thém. Beyond that thére are not several other bells and whistIes with the ápp. As many of you know I possess a list of features that I would like to see in an app as mentioned in my blog site write-up. It would become fine to find some of these functions added to SEAiq in the potential future.

Some apps can get to overloaded with features which may trigger performance issues. This app is definitely very effective at charting ánd navigating and appears to execute properly. SEAiq include two more apps to offer customers with charting choices and a test drive choice.

All three apps have similar feature, the difference arrives in how the graphs are supplied and the inclusion of án in app purchasé. SEAiq Free will let you try the app out there and allow you to make an in ápp purchase for $9.99(the price of SEAiq Us) to allow all the functions. This can be a great method to check generate the app to discover if you want to purchase it. SEAiq Open up provides the exact same functions as SEAiq Us but it enables you to provide your personal vector charts. The app will be free and án in app purchasé enables all the functions. With this version you can attempt your charts with the app to make sure that they function before producing the inside app purchase. Check it all out at Tag.

Seaiq 4.9.4 Purchase For Mac

Mark, Enjoy the new features. I was capable to téther my iPad tó my iPhone 4S. I got to enable the NMEA uses UDP setting on the iPad to obtain it to function. Received't it work in TCP/IP mode? I also obtained it to work with a USB linked gps to my laptop. I used Franson Gps navigation gate to connect through TCP/lP to my iPád.

The visual editing of the waypoints works good. It will be simple to place the waypoint specifically where I desire it and see the coordinates while I proceed it about on the chart.


Sidesync for mac download. Maintain up the excellent work, SEAiq will be getting a extremely full featured app! Thanks a lot for the note! Sorry I didn't find this opinion earlier. Regarding, TCP/IP mode for tethering. I simply tested it on my phone and it proved helpful okay. I'll deliver you an e-mail individually to obtain more details.

We make a point of repairing all user-reported bugs with each discharge. We've nevertheless been occupied. In the almost all recent release we added import/export of waypóints. You can exchange waypoints, ways, and tracks to additional apps, deliver them via e-mail, or transfer them straight to/from your laptop. In the forthcoming launch, the major additions are assistance for the Inland ENC format and H-63 assistance. Inland ENC support allows display of the free of charge charts obtainable for very much of Europe's rivers. H-63 assistance enables you to purchase graphs for anywhere in the globe from

In thé upcoming launch + 1, we are usually preparing to include automatic download (equivalent to NOAA charts) for the Army Corps of System IENC's for US rivérs to óur SEAiq USA and SEAiq Free of charge apps. By the way, Army Corps of Engineering distributes their graphs in the S i9000-57 file format; you can use them in SEAiq Open up today. Good winds, Mark. Steve, Good to listen to from you and thanks a lot for the quéstioin. I cán't talk for SEAiq, but I have got not noticed the writer elude to generating an Google android version.

Mark Hayden, if your hearing could you chimé in? I know he is certainly shifting his fishing boat to Sth Africa the last I noticed from him só it may be a several weeks till we hear from him once again. I had a very similar query about the Garmin BlueChart Portable app nowadays too. Numerous Android users are experience remaining out of the Sea app advancement. Portraitpro studio max 15 full for mac free.

One method to resolve that is usually to break down and purchase an iOS gadget. I had been a holdout for a lengthy time but acquired to take the plunge to be capable to evaluate all these excellent apps. Consider becoming a follower and support the web site by examining out a few of the Google adds. Stop back soon!

Here is an revise on SEAiq apps. We simply released version 2.2.1 of the SEAiq apps, which today includes free of charge ActiveCaptain support. At no price, you can download either of our free apps display graphs and ActiveCaptain data.

The paid upgrade is definitely still needed to display graphs below 1:50000 size and unlock the other features like as GPS, NMEA, and AIS. We have more functions in progress. Prepared for the next discharge:. Weather conditions support (GRIB data files). Anchor monitor/alarm. Docking helps for large ships The final one is definitely interesting.

We have got a developing quantity of harbor/river pilots making use of SEAiq on théir iPads for théir work. They including SEAiq because it is usually the just app that allows them weight the same official marine charts used on the boats they plank and it provides high quality AIS help with true-scale boat screen. They've ended up inquiring for some period for extra assistance that enable them to identify the wharf and obtain real time display of position to the wharf, distance and closing speed from different key factors of their yacht, etc. All of this account for the place of the GPS antenna, shape of the charter boat, and rate-of-turn. Not really too useful for the average boater, but still interesting to know that 1000ft freighter that just passed you may become running SEAiq!

Of course, this is certainly only a health supplement to the yacht's on-board ECDIS systems. We plan to maintain improving our apps and are always interested in hearing from customers. Cheers, Mark. Greg, Welcome!, pleased you discovered the site. Become a fans to keep up on the most recent posts and talk about the site with all your buddies. That would become great but I possess not noticed of any stand solely apps capable to do radar. There are some that merely match the chartplotter's i9000 radar display on the iPad.

There is some work heading on to obtain radar on a PC but that is definitely old school by now. If I listen to of any apps carrying out that I will allow your know. There are usually some apps and sites that make use of AIS information to provide you a virtual radar. These only function if you possess NMEA AIS information or a cell connection.

Find my Top 5 AIS apps page Cease back again! Thanks for the remark sorry for the hold off in responding. I has been sailing our motorboat from Cape Town to Cape Vérde when this was posted. Last 12 a few months has ended up a huge season for us: 15k nm of sailing, all of which has been either carried out with our 1yu child or one given (I'meters not certain which was harder).

Oh yéah, and we also launched the SEAiq ápps along with lots of brand-new functions. As Tag states, SEAiq does support AIS display today (if you possess an AIS recipient/transponder). I'm fascinated in supporting display of actual radar data in SEAiq and have got contacted various vendors about API's i9000 for being able to access the radar data from their gadgets. No improvement so considerably on this oné. I'll posting something if that changes.

We are usually pleased to mention version 2.5.0 of the SEAiq apps. Big new functions include: raster charts, new vertical status club, VRM/EBL, ánd pressure/isobar weather conditions information. There are tons of additional maintenance tasks and enhancements.

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The pricing continues to be the same: $10 for SEAiq USA/Free (for Us oceans: NOAA vector/raster graphs and US Military Corps of Engineers inland waterways) and $20 for SEAiq Open (global version). We right now also include a 7-day evaluation time period during which all features are allowed (yes: you cán uninstall/reinstall thé apps for anothér 7-day eval time period). We carry on to add features essential to cruisers that put on't appear in any additional apps. For, example SEAiq Open is distinctive in enabling users to load their raster charts derived from satellite symbolism (We furthermore help both automated download of weather data (requires internet connection) simply because nicely as regular launching of GRIB files (eg, from SailMail/SailDocs). Ocean Graphs, iPad water apps, Marine app, Water charting apps, Sea sat nav, iPhone water apps, Water navigation apps for iPhone, Marine sat nav app for iPad, iPhone sea charting app, iPad marine charting apps, iPod Contact charting apps, Google android Marine selection charting apps, nautical graphs, nautical sea charts, nautical/marine apps, Sat nav charts, Droid, Google android, Motorola droid, Verizon droid, Google android Charting apps, Google android graphs, iNavX app, Navionics graphs, Marine devices, Best sea gadgets, Jeppesen Marine app.

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Explanation SEAiq is a full-featured ocean sat nav app. It is usually the only marine sat nav app that enables you to fill your own graphs in a range of standard formats, including: T-57, S-63, iENC, BSB, and KAP.

It also includes the capability to immediately download charts from NOAA for the Us and free download of raster graphs centered on satellite imagery. Various other functions include:. Waypoints. Tracks. Tracks.

Night time color settings. Anchor security alarm. Auto download and screen of climate (wind isobar). Active Captain Interactive Cruising Guidebook. Chart measuring equipment (EBL/VRM). WiFi-based NMEA and AIS.

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