Munin For Mac

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  1. Munin For Mac

Description Think about you could proceed hills - literally! With realistic physics, Norse runes, revolving systems and a great deal of grey tissue you'll assist Munin, 0din's méssenger in her quite very own 2D-adventure, to claim back her strength on a trip through Yggdrasil Enterprise TO A Planet OF NORSE MYTH0LOGY Munin the ravén, faithful messenger to Odin, today stands stripped of wings and changed by Loki into a mortal female. Flightless and established, she will stride through the nine realms of Yggdrasil to reclaim the misplaced feathers and return to Asgard. Munin bolsters the traditional side-scrolling experience with the make use of of revolving environments to surpass road blocks and to resolve questions.


Munin Imagine you could move mountains - literally! In Munin, use realistic physics, runes and rotating platforms to solve creative puzzles in a world brimming with Norse mythology. Munin for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Help Odin’s messenger Munin navigate 9 worlds and lead her to the golden throne of Asgard in this unique puzzle platformer!! Munin bolsters the traditional side-scrolling experience with the use of rotating environments to surpass obstacles and to solve puzzles. By twisting portions of the environment, players will create bridges from pillars, turn walls into floors or open new passages.

Munin For Mac

By rotating servings of the atmosphere, players will generate bridges from pillars, turn wall space into floors or open up new pathways. Further gameplay elements, like changes, moving environment or items influence by physics include even more depth to the questions: by rotating the game's globe, boulders and debris will rumble, roll and fall. Liquids like water or lava will flow appropriately and Norse runes will display the way to the raven't lost feathers. Munin functions nine amazing worlds, 81 exciting ranges and approximately 7 hours of pleasant play. APP-FEATURES - Encounter the fascinating planet of Norse mythology - Spin and rewrite and change the video game globe's elements to reach all the dropped feathers - Solve complicated questions - 81 difficult levels featuring extraordinary worlds.

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