Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue For Mac

Explanation Multichannel TM technologies The Kinesis® Freestyle2 Azure TM wireless key pad for Macintosh brings together our honor winning split-adjustable ergonomic style with the comfort of bluetooth connectivity. Multichannel bluetooth technologies enables you to pair the key pad with up to three Bluetooth enabled products (iMac, Macbook, iPád, or iPhone étc) and instantly switch between them, só you can form in ease and comfort on any gadget.

Bluetooth connectivity on the Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue, Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac means you can pair with up to three devices easily. This model was designed for use with Mac, with Mac-specific hotkeys to keep you typing at maximum efficiency all day. Freestyle2 Blue For Mac The Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue for Mac reinterprets the the traditional QWERTY keyboard model with two modular keypads. The keypads can either be used separately, or fused together to provide flexibility for touch typists or those who want an ergonomically favorable keyboard. The wireless Freestyle2 Blue for Mac is ideal for mobile use, sit-stand desks, or anyone who prefers not to clutter their desk with unnecessary cords. Pair the Freestyle2 with up to 3 of your bluetooth enabled devices (e.g., Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iMac etc) and instantly switch between them (up to 30 feet).

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keypad


Sleek, low profile style Most keyboards like ergonomic versions have a 10 diploma positive slope from front side to back again. These designs are likely to flex your arms. The Freestyle2 provides a zero level incline which reduces the elevation, effectively developing negative slope and decreasing wrist extension. The slender design provides you a 2-in-1 workplace and take a trip keyboard. Accommodates a broad variety of individuals From small to high and body varieties in between, the Freestyle2 enables for optimum flexibility catering to each personal's distinctive needs. Out of the package both quests are linked jointly by a flexible pivot tether permitting an infinite variety of splay. Disconnécting the pivot téther enables up to 9 in .


You may choose not to provide us with any personally-identifying information. Top 20 mac keyboard shortcuts. Some types of personal information will NEVER be requested or collected, such as information on your race or ethnic origin, political opinions, trade union memberships, religious beliefs, health, sex life, or sexual orientation.

of complete séparation of both Ieft and right kéying modules. Ideal for individual needs ranging from a small footprint to comprehensive parting. This design greatly decreases and or/eliminates ulnar change.

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