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I am using outlook 2011 in my MAC os. I can received email but the body of the email cannot be displayed. Please let me know the solution. Sunday, March 11, 2012 11:52 AM. You should occasionally check the Junk E-mail folder to make sure messages were not incorrectly marked as 'junk.' If a message was incorrectly marked as. AOL Bulk Mail folder, Outlook 2011 for Mac When I did this, I got a whole slew of folders: Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash, Bulk Mail, Archive, Drafts, Notes and Spam. Some mail that I want to keep and is important is ending up in the Bulk Mail folder. Outlook 2016 for Mac (aka Outlook for Mac for Office 365) has some changes compared to Outlook for Mac 2011 in regards to Junk Email Protection. This blog post will explain how Outlook 2016 for Mac handles Junk Email Protection. Please see the previous Blog post Junk Mail in Outlook for Mac 2011.

Good Mid-day, I possess a consumer that has 13 yrs well worth of email and her PST we aged from her device was almost 45 gb's i9000. Today when I consider to get e-mail from the file it just shows 9 gb's of e-mail and of program is not the time frame I need to recover from. Do you recommend any software programs that can possibly recover from á PST or án OST. I possess already tried OST2 by 4Team. Any assist is very much appreciated. DISCLAIMER: This had been in place before I obtained here about 2.5 decades back, the additional 'technology individuals' thought that archiving off PST'beds and storing thém on the machine has been a good concept. I tried to store off the old email to reduce the mail box size straight down below 25 gb's.

Currently she still has 30 gb's i9000 of email from January of 2014 to today. Thank you all for the help! I made a decision after trying the maintenance once again with my present system, that I would just chunk the bullet and allow the ownership understand I dropped the email messages.

After that I valued that I got produced a backup a yr again when we transitioned mail solutions to rackspace. So we only lost about 1.5 decades of e-mail for this one user. The Top dog CFO mentioned ' eh, sometimes that happens.thanks for operating so difficult to recovery them.

We know it has been something that was in place before you arrived on.' Therefore thank you all again, for today we are usually just making a 3rm duplicate of our email archives with Mailstore and keeping them offsite ón AWS. Been right now there, accomplished that. I've had to run scanpst 2 or 3 occasions to align a pst out just before. I would recommend moving the PST off the network share and onto a regional storage to operate scanpst on, and to further open the PST document. PST't should certainly not be opened up across the network, they are horrible little sources that embarrassingly mess up often if disk entry over the network can be interrupted in any way. Today you can keep a Back-up Duplicate of á PST on thé system share, and focus on Back-up and COPY which indicates a 2nd copy as a backup.

Not really the first on the system share. Once you get the pst straightened out there and capable to open up, research it for these terms and blindly delete them: 'voucher' (unless you in fact work with metal coupon codes) 'Publication' 'unsubscribe' 'sign up' 'facebook' 'twitter' 'Wébex' You will be amazed the number of items people keep or disregard that should have got been removed years ago that possess these terms and all óf it will be total junk that had been only relevant for short windows of less than a 7 days or two. I dropped a 45 gb PST to 38 GB with removing the above guitar strings and looking for various other non-business and short relevance items to delete. I blew aside a gigantic folder of read receipts as well. I erased a few hundred email messages from the local college by searching for local-school I.S.Deb. Latest version of flash player for mac. Completely ineffective junk over 6 yrs previous. After flushing the junk out, make a brand-new PST and move everything that needs to become kept to a fresh PST and delete the previous PST.

It's i9000 broken and will stay damaged. If there is definitely anything that can be absolutely essential, instruct the consumer to file it correctly into related folders, create PDF papers out of the emails and title and file the records properly.

If it's i9000 a document that will conserve you 10 thousand bucks, it much better be properly filed away on the network and supported up, not really co-mingIing with your Kráft cheese discount email messages and artificial fax junk. Properly designate any essential item a mental magic dollar amount to signify it, then choose how to deal with that e-mail or document based on it'beds worth. You will find individuals will think even more about how to manage that document. That coupon email is usually worth 97 cents ended 3 days ago eh, it can move in the garbage. That email with all the operating details on that brand-new widget order, well that's worth $7,000 dollars, youngster I'm heading to document that out on the network in the project folder where it should become!

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Give thanks to you all for the assist! I determined after attempting the fix once again with my present plan, that I would just nibble the bullet and let the possession understand I dropped the email messages. After that I recalled that I experienced made a backup a year once again when we transitioned mail services to rackspace. So we only dropped about 1.5 years of email for this one user. The Top dog CFO stated ' eh, occasionally that occurs.thanks a lot for functioning so tough to recovery them. We understand it had been something that had been in place before you arrived on.' Therefore give thanks to you all again, for right now we are just producing a 3rd copy of our e-mail archives with Mailstore and maintaining them offsite on AWS.

Went into this recently myself. Right here has been my absurd fix. Duplicate the Corrupted PST File from it'h area on the pc onto a browse drive. Duplicate the Corrupted PST document from the thumb drive onto an Apple company Mac Computer.

Import the corrupted PST document into Workplace for Mac 2011. Delete any deleted items in the erased items folder (to reduce the size if not really already clean). Move the emails from Office for Mac 2011 to the desktop via an OLM document (View for Mac). Duplicate the OLM File back to the browse drive.

Copy and insert the OLM file on the Computer desktop. Make use of SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter ($49) to transform the OLM File to a PST File. Replace the Corrupted PST Document with the newly Produced PST File in the View Default Location. Open View. During this procedure - I did a computer virus scan on the Corrupted PST Document before Importing it into the Office for mac software and found 2 Trojan viruses connected to email messages that had to become removed before I could transfer the file completely. I suggest this to anyone who offers a corrupted document on their hands. The file dimension I was functioning with had been a 51GW PST File (Ridiculously Large), to begin with.

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The great matter about a mac is that it doesn't make use of PST Files, it utilizes files to compile emails, and while it reads the PST Document, if it strikes a damaged file, it skips it and maintains going, where as a Computer will strike a tug at and end. Hope this helps anyone who is ready to provide up on a damaged PST file.

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