Gear 360 Action Director For Mac

  1. The 2017 Samsung Gear 360 uses a different version of ActionDirector desktop software. Here is where to download it. The 2017 Samsung Gear 360 (available here; first impressions here) is one of the hottest 360 cameras of 2017 because it appeared to be the equivalent of a 4K Theta (until the actual 4K Theta was [].
  2. I have Gear 360 2017. On Samsung site it says download Gear 360 Action Director. I did this and installed on my PC. But when I run it asks for registration code.
  1. Samsung Gear 360 Action Director For Mac
  2. Gear 360 Action Director For Mac

May 31, 2016  and if you have a high end Windows PC, please share with us your experience with Samsung Action Director. Thank you for watching Please subscribe for more videos on 360.

Hi man's, None of you are usually doing anything incorrect. The gear 360 software requires your serial and bank checks it with samsung, Or instead it attempts. If you don't like or get technical lingo feel free to neglect to the summary - in brief you're doing nothing wrong ánd it's all sámsungs fault. Hd cinema torrent full gotowi na wszystko. exterminator for mac. Equipment 360 transmits out the following demand to samsung when you enter a serial - The text 'SERIAL' is definitely a location holder for my or your actual serial.

Article /keydownload/chemical2?devicenum=SERIAL HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: ActionDirector Host: www.samsungimaging.cóm Content-Length: 0 Pragma: no-cache Connection: close up This request is sent to. If you attempt to go to it you will find that the area does exist but your browser dows not really screen anything. Looking at the whois information that was offered when the area was bought, It was authorized by 'Samsung Consumer electronics Company., Ltd' on 2008-11-27T23:43:47Z. The domains registration had been last up to date on 2017-10-30T04:43:31Z. That domains is due to run out on 2018-11-27T23:43:47Z. This indicates the website was purchased in Nov 2008 and Samsung definitely maintained their ownership of the site once again in October 2017.

Therefore, Why isn't it functioning??? Well the demand that will be produced by the gear360 will not recieve any type of response where as a demand delivered to the same resource ( from a internet browser does recieve a request. Regrettably the response I recieve back from the samsung essential server enables me understand that the application that they SHOULD be working to give people their keys, Does not can be found. As proven in the display screen photos below which displays the failed request produced by the ápp at the top and the profitable one produced by a web internet browser to the same reference.

Samsung Gear 360 Action Director For Mac

Failed request by app and effective request from web browser showing non existance of affirmation app on samsungs server This will be owing to there becoming no DNS record on samsungs authoritative nameserver for the host that the app was informed to look for. The app attempts to request from www.sá and thére is only a report for The demand made by the app can be seen to produce a reaction when the web host is altered to reveal this. Right now if this had been the just problem I provide everyone a repair for this, however, There have been even more failings on samsungs part. As I described before the resource '' will not exist on samsungs machine.


Reseas de parallels desktop for mac. It was responsible for verifying customers serial amounts. Request generated by the géar360 app with host altered, sponsor has 'www.' Request right now recieves a résonse but it will be one telling us that the server has acquired the componant responsible for user verification eliminated In summary there have become two failings right here. One by CyberLink in getting the app contact a nonexistant domain name and not testing the user verification functionality, And second by Samsung for getting rid of the capacity of that machine to confirm users. In order to fix this;. CyberLink will require to drive out a spot to point the ActionDirector software program to the correct site ( Samsung will need to regain the internet software to /keydownload/c2 on Samsung possess a responsability to their consumers to offer a indicates to permit their product to functionality without a samsung cell phone.


Gear 360 Action Director For Mac

No where on the packaging is right now there a stipulation thát a samsung universe is required in order to use the cameras. I would talk to that samsung offer a means for customers to become able to use the CyberLink Motion Director software as quickly as feasible to avoid possible reputaional damage that may arise from the discIosure of this details. I anticipate a answer back within 2 days, Thankyou.

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