Convert Quicken Mac 2006 Files To Quicken For Windows

I have Quicken 2015 Premier for Windows and was able to transfer Quicken data only after following the registry edits that Harry lists above. I then was able to export to a QIF file in Quicken and Recover Accounts in Money. Note: These instructions are for Quicken for Mac for 2007 or earlier.For the Quicken Essentials 2010 for Mac Conversion process, go here. The following information about converting your Quicken for Windows files to Quicken for Mac is available in PDF format for easy printing and reference during the conversion process. Converting from a Quicken for MAC to Windows. Quicken files from Windows to Mac. Problems Migrating From Quicken 2006 for Windows to Quicken 2007 Mac. When you are converting from Quicken for Mac 2007 follow the steps below. Note: Prior to converting your data file, make sure that it has no data file password; remove it if there is one. Disable downloading of transactions on all accounts. Disable 'Pay bills online' on any current, active accounts. Select Start from a Quicken Mac 2007 file.

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