Burn Windows Iso To Usb For Mac Os X

So, I have an iso file I need to burn to a usb drive for use with a windows computer. It's a bootible iso image that can be burned to a usb stick. I need to burn it to a usb drive for use with a windows computer. If you want the USB in order to install Windows onto a Mac just use Bootcamp. If you want it just to have it then use Disk Utility because Bootcamp will modify the USB with Mac-specific instructions and drivers.

Very first, by 'adobe flash drive' we both realize exterior USB display drive, best?:) If not, then obtain one:) Create sure it does not include any essential information. Put clean USB adobe flash get into your mac. Autocad for mac 2016 or 2017.

Start standard Drive Utility. Choose your USB adobe flash push on the left panel.


Click on 'Restore' switch in Storage Utility windowpane. In the discussion window click on 'picture' key and choose your ISO picture. From drop-down checklist in the same dialog home window choose your USB adobe flash drive. Press 'Restore' You should get properly prepared Windows 10 USB installation disk. Wish this assists.

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